Want to constantly monitor the vital information of your registered domains or any others you're interested in? Domain Alert® Pro services meet your every need - and your budget. Monitor domain name changes, review the list of expiring domains, and most important of all, backorder domain names so they're yours the instant they're available.

What is Domain Watch Backordering?

Domain Backorders is a service that helps you attempt to acquire a domain name when it becomes available for registration. It includes a Domain Monitoring membership and one year of domain name registration.

Placing a backorder does not guarantee that you will acquire the domain name. The current registrant might renew the domain name, or we might be unsuccessful in our attempt to register it for you.

This process is in place to provide each of our customers an equal opportunity to acquire domain names.

Select from any or all of these options:
Domain Alert® Pro Backordering:  ORDER NOW

If a name you want is already registered, you can still own it! Secure your chance to snap up a domain* the instant it becomes available.

•Includes the cost of registering the domain name and ICANN Fee, so you can have the domain instantly.
•Includes FREE Domain Alert Pro Monitoring for backordered domain! Additional monitoring packs available.
•If you don't get the name, you don't lose - just re-assign to another name.

Note: You will set up your backordered domains by logging in to your GriotSites Account after purchase.

Domain Alert® Pro Investor's Edge:  ORDER NOW
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Domain Alert® Pro
More than 95,000 fresh, expiring names at your fingertips, ready to review -- and PowerGrab!

How does this work?

•Browse scores of new, soon-to-expire names online, updated daily.
•Select ANY* name(s) at the domain registration rate of only $11.95.
•If we secure the name, that's all you pay.
•PowerGrab domains from the list of expiring names - Your rate includes your domain registration fee!
•Monthly Subscription only $29.95 and you can cancel at any time.
•Backorder any expiring .COM, .INFO, .NET, .ME, .ORG, .BIZ, .MOBI, .US, or .CO domain for only $20.99 $11.95 each -- Save 43%!

Domain Alert® Pro Monitoring:  ORDER NOW

Now you can monitor the vital changes to ANY domain* registered by ANYONE at ANY registrar that might tip you off to its availability. We do the work for you!

•Get email notification within 24 hours if any of the following change: Registrar, Status, Expiration Date or Name Server.
•Designate additional email addresses to which we send notifications, if any of the following change: Registrar, Status, Expiration Date or Name Server.
•Review and maintain a history of the names you monitor in one easy location.

* .COM, .INFO, .NET, .ME, .ORG, .BIZ, .MOBI, .US, or .CO

What is Domain Alert Pro Backordering?
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What is Domain Alert Pro Investor's Edge?
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Which domains can be tracked with Domain Alert Pro?
How often will I receive Domain Alert Pro notifications?
Setting Up Domain Alert Pro Monitoring
Backordering Your Monitored Domain Names
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When can I register an expired domain name?
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