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Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
At Griot Sites™, we provide our Clients with the necessary tools and webucation to establish an awesome and necessary presence in the virtual world. This includes how we distribute the space on our servers. To keep all Web Properties running smoothly, we allot a limited amount of hard disk space on our servers for each package. The amount of disk space allotted is estimated based on the page count of the property. Each of our custom Web Property packages come with a web hosting plan that best suites each particular website. Clients have the choice of downgrading/upgrading at anytime after the completing of their contract with GriotSites. The following packages are:

"Griot's Bronze Street web space is the right size and fit for a starter Web Property or blog. This hosting plan is offered with our "Studio" hosting package to provide enough server space to display one-page websites to make a bold statement in the virtual world.

Allotted amount of Disk Space: 500 MB
Allotted amount of bandwidth: 1000 MB (1 GB)
Recommended: Studio Package, Apartment Package
Not Recommended: House Package, Mansion Package, Castle Package
Premium Web Hosting Bronze Street
6.95 month
We refer to our next level in Griot hosting packages as the Silver Court. Although some Apartment size Web Properties may fit the Bronze Street hosting plan, we recommend this package because it allows your Web Property room to grow as your business grows. Depending on the size of the website, the "House" package may also be a perfect fit for Silver Court. At this sweet price, comfort never felt so good. 

Allotted amount of Disk Space: 2,000 MB (2 GB)
Allotted amount of bandwidth: 3000 MB (3 GB)
Recommended: House Package, Mansion Package
Not Recommended: Studio Package, Castle Package
Still need more from space for your Web Property? Try our Gold Road package; idea for small business or Authors who are very active with the internet community. The Gold Road package comes fully equipped with over 55 scripts to make your virtual life easier. Our Mansion Web Property package is a perfect fit for this plan as well as a large "House" Web Property.

Allotted amount of Disk Space: 150,000 MB (15 GB)
Allotted amount of bandwidth: 5000 MB (5 GB)
Recommended: Mansion Package, Castle Package
Not Recommended: Studio Package, Apartment Package, House Package
Premium Web Hosting Silver Court
Premium Web Hosting Gold Road
12.95 month
7.95 month
What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the data transfer rate (Bits per second) between your visitors and your Web Property. To simply put it; it is the speed of the information being transferred monthly.

What is Disk Space?
The allotted space GriotSites assigns to each Web Property to store files such as HTML files, e-mail accounts, images, videos, databases, audio clips, etc. chat with an agent popup
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Educating Website Owners is our Business. Get Webucated Today!
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